International Webinar Series 2021-01
This webinar is jointly organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia’s School of Social Sciences and De La Salle University’s Southeast Asia Research Center and Hub (SEARCH).
Date and Time: 3pm-5pm KL/MNL/SG or 2pm-4pm JKT/BKK/VTN, Friday, 22 January 2021


About the speakers/moderator (in alphabetical order)

Boonlert Visetpricha is an assistant professor at Thammasat University in the Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology. Before becoming a lecturer, he has engaged with several social movements for more than ten years. He was the first one in Thailand who started organizing a street homeless people organization in Bangkok since 2002. His book, World of Homeless People (in Thai), received award for distinguished academic books in 2007. Boonlert graduated PhD Degree in Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dissertation, Structural Violence and Homelessness: Searching for Happiness on the Streets of Manila, the Philippines (2015), is the result of his intensive fieldwork in Manila for 14 months.

Marlon de Luna Era, Associate Professor of the Behavioral Sciences Department, De La Salle University, Manila. He completed AB Sociology and an M.S. in Human Settlements Development (Urban Planning and Environmental Management) from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; Ph.D. on Development Studies at De La Salle University. Dr. Era has extensive teaching and professional experiences in disaster resilience,solid waste management, gender and local governance. Dr. Era had worked with the Philippine Government; served as Program Associate of the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), Thailand ; Operations Manager, Corporate Network for Disaster Response (CNDR); Country Coordinator of the Capacity Building for Asia on Resilient EducaTion ( CABARET ) Project funded by Erasmus + involved 5 universities in Europe and 10 universities in Asia; consultant to UN World Food Program, UNIDO, UN Environment, and National Government Agencies and Local Government Units. He is the Country Correspondent, International Association for Community Development ;President, Local Governance training and Research Institution-Philippine Network; Executive Vice President, Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines (SWAPP) and Board Member, Philippine Sociological Society; regular member of the National Research Council of the Philippines and International Sociological Association.

Nor Malina Malek, Associate Professor and former Dean of the School of Social Sciences (2012 – 2015) and a lecturer of Development Planning and Management in the Universiti Sains Malaysia. She teaches undergraduate courses in development studies such as Land Development and Administration, Local Government and Municipal Laws, Rural and Regional Development and Development Management. She obtained her Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning from Cardiff University, UK, and her M.Sc. (Econ.) in Development Policy Planning from Swansea University, UK. Her research interests include housing, urban development, development management, and poverty. She has written several articles and papers on affordable housing and urban poverty. Her current research project analyzes affordable housing issues from a multidimensional approach. She is also a member of Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia (Malaysian Social Science Association).

Rusaslina Idrus is an educator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is trained as a social anthropologist and is a Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies at University of Malaya, where she teaches courses on gender justice, environment, and development. She is an active researcher on issues concerning marginalised communities in Malaysia. Her research focus includes indigenous studies, refugee studies, subaltern history and issues concerning citizenship rights. Together with her students, Rusaslina coordinates Kedai Jalanan UM, an organisation that provides services for the homeless and underserved communities in Kuala Lumpur since 2015. She is coordinator for the upcoming service learning module for her faculty and is a recipient of national and university-level awards for community engagement.